Smoky & Sweet

Long Live the Bees!

After 4 years of perfecting our Smoked Olive Oil, we decided to take that magic and use it on something a lil' sweet: Raw wildflower South Carolina Honey!

We chose honey as our smoky sweetener for a few different reasons:

  1. Honey never goes bad. That's right, honey may crystalize, the color and flavor may fade, but properly stored honey will be edible forever!
  2. Honey has numerous health benefits. From being anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic to being chock full of anti-oxidants, honey is a natural salve that helps the human body in many ways.
  3. Honey is 100% natural. It comes straight from bee. With the increased demand in honey, it also brings attention and education of the life, health and well-being of our buzzing friends so we all know to be kind to these little fellas. 
  4. Honey tastes AMAZING. It's no secret. We all know this. And honey can go on anything we eat, sweet and savory alike!

Holy Smoke Hickory Smoked Carolina Honey is sweet, bright, and floral on first taste with a rich, smoky, almost molasses-like finish. In total, it tastes like barbecued honey.


  • Glazes for ham, salmon & ribs
  • Smoked honey butter & honey mustard
  • Smoky Spiced Dirty Chai & Earl Grey tea
  • Smoked honey glazed veggies (carrots)
  • Accouterment for cheese plate 
  • Drizzle on fried chicken & biscuits
  • Bourbon & tequila cocktails (Old fashioned & margarita)
  • Smoked baklava
  • Barbecue Sauces
  • Peanut butter, banana, & smoked honey sandwich
  • Chicken wing sauce

As you can see, you can use our smoked honey in just about anything. Let us know some of your favorites!

smoked honey