Spring is upon us in Charleston. The flowers are in bloom, the birds are singing sweet songs, and everyone is starting to take their clothes off and head to the beach. We all move so fast, hither and tither from here to there that we can easily miss the small things. Hell, sometimes we just trample over them in our haste and ignorance. Thankfully, I'm here to capture the glorious natural beauty and deliver it to your eager eyeballs in picture form. Some of these flowers are no bigger than a pencil eraser.

Spanish moss adorns the majestic live oaks and massive cypress trees at Middleton Place. I like to call them "Charleston Stalagmites." 

Drink a beer, pluck a guitar, and watch the sun go down. You can't ask for a better end to a day or a better beginning to a night. Some, including myself, would call this one of the many ingredients to a long, happy, fulfilling life.