Mercy of the Chef is a fun dining style that gives an essence of mystery to the culinary experience by denying the patron knowledge of the menu before the dish is set before them.

Our Holy Smoke Smoked Olive Oil and Hickory Smoked Carolina Honey was recently featured as the star ingredient in all of the 4 courses at BLU Restaurant & Bar on Folly Beach. Here are some nice photos and descriptions:


Scallop Crudo, Juliet Tomato Vinaigrette, Watermelon Radish, Arugula

Duck Ham Monte Cristo, Honey Dijon, Purple Sweet Potato Soup, Duck Prosciutto

Bison Croquette, Ahi, Kale, Hoisin, Cranberry Pinenut Gremolata

Truffle Brie, Tallegio, “Cakestinis”, Granola, Blueberry Mostardo