Pre-sale 2 bottles! - Smoked Bloody Mary Mix 32oz.


Pre-sale 2 bottles! - Smoked Bloody Mary Mix 32oz.

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Pre-order of two 32oz. bottles of our newest delicious product: Holy Smoke Smoked Bloody Mary Mix. Ships at the end of February!

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We are now pre-releasing our 4th product: Smoked Blood Mary Mix!

This is a pre-order for two 32oz. bottles of our Smoked Bloody Mary Mix. Shipping late February!

We are still in production currently, but everything will be ready to roll out at the end of February. We're offering a sharp discount on pre-orders so you can have it first, and cheaper, than anyone else. We will have 1000 bottles in our first run, so that means we'll have 500 pre-orders.

Holy Smoke Smoked Bloody Mary Mix

After 2 years and trial and error of countless recipes (probably 90-something), we've finally hit the nail on the head. This is going to be a staple in your bar. 

Hearty rich tomato, robust bold spice, a zippy tang, and savory smoke. This truly has it all. Prepare your tastebuds for the perfect breakfast/brunch beverage. We're revolutionizing drinking... in the morning.